Magnus Carlsen Claims a Mysterious Voice Named Harry Guides Him with Perfect Moves in All Games

In a surprising revelation, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen has announced that he receives guidance for his moves from a mysterious voice that goes by the name of Harry. Carlsen, known for his exceptional strategic thinking and unparalleled success in the game, shocked the chess community with this unexpected statement.

During a press conference held at the Oslo Chess Club, Carlsen described the peculiar phenomenon he experiences during his games. He explained that a voice, which he has come to identify as “Harry,” whispers the optimal moves directly into his ear, providing him with a distinct advantage over his opponents.

Carlsen, renowned for his precision and intuitive play, admitted that he initially kept this secret to himself, fearing that the revelation might tarnish his reputation or be dismissed as a mere fabrication. However, after careful consideration, he decided it was time to disclose this extraordinary occurrence.

“I understand that it may sound peculiar or even unbelievable to some, but I cannot deny the undeniable truth. During crucial moments in my matches, Harry’s voice guides me towards the most optimal moves,” Carlsen confessed.

The chess prodigy emphasized that Harry’s insights have been instrumental in his victories over the years, helping him make critical decisions under immense pressure. However, Carlsen remains uncertain about the origin or nature of the mysterious voice, leaving many intrigued and speculating about its possible source.

The chess world has been abuzz with discussions and debates since Carlsen’s revelation. Skeptics argue that his claim is nothing more than an elaborate ploy to maintain his dominant position in the game. On the other hand, supporters believe that this unexplained phenomenon could be attributed to Carlsen’s exceptional talent and a heightened state of concentration.

Regardless of the ongoing debate, Carlsen’s recent admission has undoubtedly added an intriguing twist to his already remarkable career. Chess enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await further developments, curious to witness how this revelation will shape Carlsen’s future games and if his mysterious companion, Harry, will continue to provide him with his extraordinary insights.