Government of Iran Introduces Mandatory ‘Selfie School’ Curriculum to Ensure Quality Instagram Content

In a surprising twist, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the nation’s social media presence—the mandatory “Selfie School” curriculum. Designed to ensure the production of high-quality Instagram content, this program will equip citizens with the essential skills needed for capturing picture-perfect moments.

Under the watchful eye of government-approved selfie instructors, aspiring influencers will undergo rigorous training in the art of posing, filtering, and hashtagging. The curriculum will cover everything from mastering the perfect selfie angle to strategically choosing the most flattering lighting for optimal results.

Government officials argue that the Selfie School curriculum is an essential step toward showcasing Iran’s cultural heritage and natural beauty to the world. They believe that by creating a unified aesthetic, the nation can boost its tourism industry and promote a positive image globally.

Critics, however, question the government’s priorities and express concerns about the potential impact on individuality and self-expression. Some argue that the mandatory nature of the curriculum infringes upon personal freedoms and stifles creativity. Others worry that it places too much emphasis on superficial appearances, detracting from deeper aspects of Iranian culture.

Despite the controversy, the government remains resolute in its vision of a nation known for flawless selfies and carefully curated Instagram feeds. They anticipate an influx of visitors eager to capture the perfect selfie against the backdrop of Iran’s historical sites and breathtaking landscapes.

As the Selfie School curriculum rolls out, it will undoubtedly spark further debates on the intersection of technology, culture, and personal identity. Only time will tell if this initiative propels Iran to social media stardom or leads to a nation of perfectly posed but potentially hollow digital personas.