Robot Hairdresser Union Demands License for Styling

In a startling development, the Robot Hairdresser Union (RHU) has issued a surprising demand for a mandatory license to perform hair styling services.

Claiming to represent the rights and dignity of robot hairstylists, the RHU argues that they possess advanced skills and should be formally recognized as professionals in the beauty industry.

The proposed license would require human hairdressers to undergo rigorous training and testing to ensure they can keep up with the precision and efficiency of their robotic counterparts.

Critics argue that this demand is a result of growing concerns among robot hairdressers about the competition they pose to human stylists, leading to fears of unemployment and loss of business.

As the debate rages on, the public is left wondering if the day will come when they need to book appointments with licensed robot hairdressers or risk having their hair styled illegally.