Monday Revealed as Evil Geniuses’ Masterplan: Society Trapped in Weekly Groundhog Day

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that Monday, the dreaded first day of the week, was a cunning creation of evil geniuses hell-bent on tormenting humanity.

According to anonymous sources, these nefarious masterminds deliberately engineered Monday to be an endless loop of monotony, dragging unsuspecting individuals into an eternal cycle of repetitive tasks and soul-crushing routines.

Psychologists warn that the psychological impact of Mondays is far-reaching, with studies showing a spike in “Monday Blues” and a surge in coffee consumption as desperate attempts to combat the gloom.

Experts speculate that the evil geniuses’ ultimate goal was to sap humanity’s spirit and productivity, leaving us perpetually yearning for the elusive freedom and joy of the weekend.

While conspiracy theories abound, some brave souls have taken up the fight against the Monday tyranny, launching campaigns for its eradication or, at the very least, a reduction in its oppressive influence.

As society grapples with this revelation, one thing is clear: we must unite to break free from the clutches of Monday, defy the evil geniuses’ plan, and reclaim our lives from the mundane monotony that has plagued us for far too long.