Sleep? It’s All a Big Pharma Conspiracy, Claims Controversial Scientist

A controversial scientist has sparked outrage with his claims that sleep is nothing more than a myth created by pharmaceutical companies to sell sleeping pills.

“Think about it, have you ever actually seen anyone sleep? Or have you just seen people lying there with their eyes closed?” said the scientist in a recent interview. “The truth is, the concept of sleep is just a marketing ploy to convince people they need expensive drugs to help them do something that doesn’t even exist.”

The scientist’s claims have been met with skepticism and criticism from the medical community, with many experts citing the numerous health benefits of sleep.

“Sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being,” said one sleep specialist. “It allows our bodies to rest and repair, and is critical for memory consolidation and learning.”

Despite the backlash, the scientist continues to stand by his claims, arguing that people can achieve the same benefits of sleep by simply lying still and closing their eyes for a few hours each night.

While the idea of sleep being a conspiracy theory may seem far-fetched to many, the scientist’s theory has gained a small following on social media, with some even calling for a boycott of sleeping pills.