Chess World Stunned as Ding Liren Reveals Secret to Winning: He’s Been Using a Magic 8-Ball

In a shocking press conference, newly crowned Chess World Champion Ding Liren has revealed the secret to his recent success: a Magic 8-Ball. Liren, who defeated the previous champion in a thrilling match, admitted to using the popular fortune-telling toy to make all of his moves.

“I just ask the 8-Ball what move to make next, and it always gives me the right answer,” Liren said, holding up the toy for the assembled reporters to see. “I don’t know how it works, but it’s never let me down.”

The revelation has stunned the chess world, with many questioning the legitimacy of Liren’s victory. The International Chess Federation has launched an investigation into the matter, with some experts suggesting that Liren’s use of the 8-Ball could constitute a form of cheating.

Liren, however, remains defiant. “If using a Magic 8-Ball is cheating, then I guess I’m guilty,” he said with a shrug. “But hey, it got me the championship, didn’t it?”

The chess world may never be the same again, as players across the globe are reportedly rushing out to buy their own Magic 8-Balls in hopes of replicating Liren’s success.