World Leaders Propose Switching to Space Time

In a bold move that has left scientists scratching their heads, world leaders have announced plans to replace Earth time with space time, in an effort to better align with the universe.

The proposal, which was presented at a recent summit, calls for the adoption of a new system of timekeeping that is based on the movement of celestial bodies, rather than the rotation of the Earth.

“We believe that this new system will allow us to better understand our place in the cosmos and bring us closer to the rest of the universe,” said a spokesperson for the group.

The plan has been met with mixed reactions, with some experts applauding the move as a step towards greater cosmic understanding, while others have expressed concern over the practical implications of such a change.

One of the main challenges of switching to space time is the need for a new system of measurement, which would require the development of new technologies and the retraining of thousands of workers worldwide.

Despite these challenges, world leaders remain committed to the proposal, citing the potential benefits for science and technology, as well as the philosophical implications of aligning with the natural rhythms of the universe.