Disneyland Under Fire for Casting Only White Rabbits as White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”

Disneyland is facing backlash from the public and activists for casting only white rabbits as the iconic character White Rabbit in their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ productions. Many have accused the park of racial discrimination and a lack of diversity in their casting decisions.

In a statement, Disneyland defended their choices, stating that they cast rabbits based on their experience and suitability for the role, regardless of their fur color. However, critics argue that this reasoning is flawed and perpetuates systemic racism in the entertainment industry.

“This is not about the individual rabbits, it’s about the system that allows only white rabbits to play this character,” said one activist. “We need to see more representation in all areas of the entertainment industry, including animated characters.”

As the controversy continues to grow, Disneyland has yet to announce any changes to their casting practices. But many are hoping that this will spark a larger conversation about diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.