Kim Kardashian’s Surprising New Career Move as a Children’s Party Clown

In a shocking turn of events, Kim Kardashian has announced that she is giving up her glamorous lifestyle to become a children’s party clown. The reality TV star, known for her fashionable outfits and luxurious lifestyle, will now be donning a colorful wig and oversized shoes.

Sources close to Kardashian say that she has always loved making children happy and decided to pursue this new career path after attending a friend’s child’s birthday party. “I just love seeing the joy on their faces,” she reportedly said.

Kardashian’s new clown persona, named “Kiki the Klown,” is already gaining popularity among parents and children alike. Her performances include balloon animals, face painting, and silly magic tricks.

However, not everyone is thrilled about Kardashian’s new gig. Critics have accused her of using her celebrity status to take jobs away from struggling, professional clowns. “It’s insulting to real clowns who have spent years training and perfecting their craft,” said one anonymous source.

Despite the backlash, Kardashian is excited about her new career and is even considering launching her own line of clown costumes and accessories. “Who knew being a clown could be so fun?” she said.