New Weight Loss Technique Discovered: Sleep 20 Hours a Day

In a groundbreaking study, researchers have discovered a new weight loss technique: sleeping for 20 hours a day. The study found that by sleeping for the majority of the day, individuals were unable to find time to eat, leading to significant weight loss.

According to the lead researcher, “We were astonished by the results. Participants were able to lose up to 10 pounds per week without changing their diet or exercise routine. It’s truly a remarkable discovery.”

The study has already sparked controversy, with some experts raising concerns about the long-term health effects of sleeping for such extended periods of time. Others have criticized the technique as being impractical for those with busy schedules.

Despite the criticism, the weight loss industry has already jumped on the bandwagon, with numerous companies marketing “sleep weight loss programs” and selling products such as weighted blankets and sleep supplements.

However, not everyone is convinced. Some nutritionists have pointed out that the technique fails to address the root causes of weight gain, such as poor diet and lack of exercise. Others have questioned the ethical implications of promoting a technique that essentially encourages people to sleep their lives away.