Billie Eilish Goes Vegetarian After Discovering Burgers Are Made of Real Meat

In a shocking revelation, pop star Billie Eilish has announced that she will no longer be consuming meat, after discovering that her favorite food, burgers, are made from real meat. The 21-year-old singer expressed her disappointment and disbelief, stating that she had always thought burgers were a type of vegetable.

“I can’t believe it,” Eilish said in a recent interview. “I thought burgers were like a special kind of tomato or something. I had no idea they were made of actual animals. It’s so gross.”

Eilish, who has been a vocal advocate for animal rights, said that she was horrified to learn the truth about the meat industry and that she could no longer justify consuming meat. She has since switched to a vegetarian diet and is encouraging her fans to do the same.

“Animals are living creatures and they deserve to be treated with respect,” Eilish said. “I can’t in good conscience continue to support an industry that exploits and mistreats them. Going vegetarian is just one small way that I can make a difference and I hope others will join me.”

While some fans were supportive of Eilish’s decision, others were disappointed, with some even questioning her dedication to the cause. “I mean, she’s great and all, but can we really take her seriously as a vegetarian if she didn’t even know what a burger was made of?” one fan tweeted.

Regardless of the criticism, Eilish remains committed to her new lifestyle and has even hinted at the possibility of going vegan in the future.