Small Eastern European Country Protests Against Latest Bravo Supermarket

Residents of a small Eastern European country have taken to the streets to protest against the opening of yet another Bravo supermarket in their town.

The protest, organized by a local community group, claims that the town has reached its limit of big-box stores and that there simply isn’t enough demand to support another one.

“We already have too many Bravo supermarkets in this town, and frankly, we’re sick of them,” said one protester. “We need more variety, not more of the same.”

The protesters are calling on the government to impose a moratorium on new big-box stores in the town, arguing that they are killing off small businesses and making the town a less attractive place to live.

The local mayor has responded to the protest, saying that while he sympathizes with the concerns of the protesters, there’s little he can do to stop the opening of the new Bravo supermarket.

The protesters have vowed to continue their campaign until they get what they want, with some even threatening to start a boycott of all Bravo supermarkets in the country.