Cloud Shortage Delays Construction of Senegal Skyscraper

Senegal’s latest skyscraper project has hit a major roadblock. The construction has been halted due to a shortage of clouds.

The building’s architects had designed the structure to be covered in clouds for most of the day, to provide a cooler atmosphere inside the building. However, the recent unusual weather patterns in the area have led to a scarcity of clouds.

The construction company has issued a statement saying that they are looking into alternative materials to achieve the same effect as clouds, but it may take some time to find a viable solution.

Meanwhile, the locals have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the delay, as they were looking forward to seeing the new addition to the city’s skyline. They have also started a social media campaign, with the hashtag #BringBackTheClouds, urging the authorities to take action.

The Senegalese government has promised to look into the matter and find a solution as soon as possible, but for now, the construction site remains deserted, with workers waiting for the return of the clouds.