EU Decides to Admit All European Countries as Member States

In a shocking move, the European Union has announced that it will admit all European countries, including Antarctica, as member states. The decision was made after a heated debate among EU officials, who argued that the EU should expand its reach as much as possible.

According to insiders, the EU believes that admitting Antarctica will give it a strategic advantage in the ongoing battle for global dominance. “Antarctica may not have any people living on it, but it does have valuable resources that could be exploited,” said one official.

Critics of the decision have raised concerns about the logistical challenges of admitting Antarctica as a member state. “How will we get representatives to and from the continent?” asked one EU official. “And what about the penguins? Will they have to learn to speak English?”

Despite the challenges, the EU remains committed to its decision. “We believe that this is a bold and visionary move that will cement the EU’s place as the dominant power in Europe and beyond,” said an EU spokesperson.

In response to the announcement, several European countries have expressed interest in joining the EU, including some that were previously opposed to the idea. As for Antarctica, it remains to be seen whether it will accept the EU’s offer of membership.