Tourists Complain of Freezing on Greenland Beaches, Polar Bears Agree

Tourists flocking to the beaches of Greenland for a tropical vacation have been left shivering in their swimsuits. Several tourists have complained about the excessive cold, with some even demanding refunds from their travel agents.

The local polar bear population, however, doesn’t seem to mind the chilly temperatures. In fact, they’ve been spotted lounging on the beach, basking in the frigid weather. One polar bear was even seen wearing a pair of sunglasses, sipping on a frozen cocktail, and enjoying the view of the shivering tourists.

In response to the complaints, a spokesperson for the Greenland Tourism Board suggested that visitors should try polar bear hugging to warm up. While not officially sanctioned, the spokesperson claims it’s a popular local pastime and a surefire way to stay warm.

Despite the freezing temperatures, some adventurous tourists are still determined to make the most of their beach vacation. One group of travelers was spotted building a snowman on the beach, while another was seen ice fishing in the nearby Arctic waters.

So if you’re looking for a unique winter getaway, head on over to Greenland’s frozen beaches. Just make sure to pack your warmest winter gear and some polar bear snacks, just in case.