French President Vows to Learn English, Americans Respond with “Merci Beaucoup!”

In a surprising turn of events, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced his intention to learn English. Macron, who previously touted the importance of speaking French, claims he wants to improve communication with other world leaders.

The announcement has sparked mixed reactions, with some applauding Macron’s effort to improve international relations, while others are skeptical of his ability to learn a new language. “I’m not sure he’ll be able to master English, it’s a difficult language,” said one critic.

Americans, however, seem to be thrilled at the prospect of a French president speaking English. “Finally, we won’t have to use Google Translate every time he speaks!” said one enthusiastic citizen. “Merci beaucoup, Mr. President!”

Macron has already started taking English classes and has reportedly made significant progress. “I can now order a coffee and ask for directions,” he said. “It’s a small step, but it’s a start.”

While some may view Macron’s decision as a sign of progress, others are concerned about the future of the French language. “We can’t let English replace our beautiful language,” said one language preservation activist. “We must do everything we can to keep French alive.”