New Smartphone App Automatically Sends Apology Texts for Drunk Texting

If you’ve ever woken up the morning after a night out with a sinking feeling in your stomach, wondering what embarrassing texts you might have sent while drunk, this new app could be the solution to your problems. The “Sorry Not Sorry” app, created by a group of college students, automatically sends an apology text to any contacts that you’ve messaged during a designated “drunk texting” period.

The app uses a combination of AI and machine learning algorithms to determine when you’re likely to be drunk and automatically triggers the apology text feature. The text reads, “I’m sorry for any texts I sent last night. I was a little too drunk and should have known better. Please forgive me!”

While the app has been praised by many for its convenience, some critics have pointed out that it might make it too easy for people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions while under the influence. Others have joked that the app might actually encourage people to drink more, knowing that they won’t have to face the consequences of their actions.

Despite the criticisms, the app has already garnered a large following, with many users praising it for saving them from embarrassing situations. One user commented, “This app has saved my life (and my reputation) more times than I can count. Thank you, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’!”