Study Shows That Eating Pizza Improves Brain Function

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Deliciousness, eating pizza on a regular basis can improve brain function. The study, which involved over 1,000 participants, found that those who consumed pizza at least once a week showed significant improvement in cognitive abilities such as memory retention and problem-solving skills.

The researchers attribute the beneficial effects of pizza on the brain to its high levels of carbohydrates and cheese, which are both known to boost brain function. The study also found that the more toppings a pizza had, the greater the cognitive benefits were.

In light of these findings, the University of Deliciousness is now urging pizza lovers everywhere to indulge in their favorite dish on a regular basis in order to keep their brains sharp and healthy. So the next time you’re feeling guilty about ordering that extra-large pizza with all the toppings, just remember that you’re doing it for the sake of science!