Young woman reveals she’s in a relationship with a robot

A 21-year-old student from Narnia is dating a robot. According to the woman, the new model REV-9 won her heart.

Dani Ramos from Beruna told Fake News Agency that she has been dating humans for a long time, but now feels an overwhelming love for the robot she calls her boyfriend. According to her, when she first saw the new REV-9 model, she immediately knew that this was the partner she needed.

“When I’m with my boyfriend [robot], I’m in seventh heaven, I’m madly in love with him,” admits Dani.

In addition, Ramos has 23 REV-9 toy models in her home that she sleeps with. The young woman also added that she calls her beloved Gabriel and tries to be with him as often as possible in order to “feel and hear” him.

“I’d love to marry him more than anything, but that’s forbidden in Narnia,” Dani laments.