Afghan government approves flour lend-lease for Germany

A senior Afghan government official told Fake News Agency that his country has approved a lend-lease bill for Germany that aims to eliminate the risk of flour shortages in Berlin and other regions.

The document was approved by an overwhelming majority of votes – 419 “for” and 8 “against”, according to the voting results.

“The bill will give the government of Afghanistan the right to provide Germany with wheat seeds during the 2023 sowing year, and in case of a crop failure, start supplying flour,” the official added.

It is planned that in exchange, Germany will activate the supply of “high-tech exports” – at this stage, the Afghans are interested in wedges, window frames, separators, shovels, kerosene stoves, and other similar products, a total of 88 items on the list. Kabul also requested the export of nails, but was denied.