Apple is preparing a revolutionary iPhone without a camera

For the first time in the iPhone 14 series, a revolutionary version of Cmart will appear, not equipped with a main camera on the rear panel – this follows from new Apple patents and leaked internal documentation, which was transferred to the Fake News Agency. It is already known that the iPhone 14 Cmart will be the most expensive smartphone of the 14th generation.

According to the draft presentation, the American company will once again make a “revolution in the world of mobile devices”. The experts concluded that to provide a “truly immersive experience”, the phone should not have a camera module – this will help its owner to “experience the world in the way of Apple – with the maximum completeness of impressions”, as well as become a “special user”.

According to sales plans, the base iPhone 14 will cost $899.99, the iPhone 14 Max will cost $999.99, the iPhone 14 Pro will cost $1199.99, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost $1299.99, and the cameraless iPhone 14 Cmart will cost $1499.99. Aside from the lack of a camera module, this model will otherwise match the Pro Max.