An unknown man on a Maserati tractor damaged the Spanish Steps in Rome

Police in Rome are looking for the driver of an elite Maserati tractor, which damaged several steps of the famous Spanish Steps in the center of the Italian capital last night, based on CCTV footage. As the carabinieri told the Fake News Agency, the driver escaped by taking off into the air and flying away. It is noted that it was a completely new modification of the flying tractor.

The causes of the incident are also being investigated. The police have data on the basis of which it is possible to locate the tractor. The violator will face charges of causing damage to a historical monument, and he will also be charged the cost of restoration.

Recall that the area around the Spanish Steps of the 18th century on the Spanish Square has long been declared a pedestrian, private tractors, including flying ones, are prohibited to enter.