Krimmel attacked by hordes of zombies

Incredible news came from Maskaw today. According to a regional correspondent of the Fake News Agency, at the moment a huge crowd of zombies is attacking Krimmel, which is located in the center of the capital of the Northern Federation. Crazed people are besieging the walls of this historical fortress and at the moment it is not at all clear what purpose they are pursuing.

According to preliminary data collected by the scientists, the infection with a new virus that turns people into zombies occurred through the TV and was directed to countries unfriendly to the Northern Federation, but, apparently, the creators of the virus, as often happens in such situations, did not take something into the account, and the infected headed towards the Krimmel.

At the moment, it is absolutely not clear how events will develop. The unpredictable actions of the infected can lead to the most unimaginable consequences.